First Interviews

I’m in my first year, second semester of a journalism degree.

My first interview in this course was with ABC foreign correspondent Mark Corcoran, this was an amazing (yet nerve racking) experience for me.

5 months on (second semester) i’m doing a subject called ‘Newswriting,’ I absolutely love it! Not only has the subject (& teaching staff) been fabulous in helping my confidence to grow, the tips provided on how to actually approach interviews has been a big help that I didn’t have last time.

So, it finally came to that point in the semester where we were to come up with our own ‘news worthy’ story.  This involved thinking of something that hadn’t already been seen in the news, suss out potential sources and get interviews.  Now, that doesn’t seem too hard…right!?  The thing is, as soon as you say, ‘journalist’ or ‘student’ there’s a good chance people will change their attitude towards your unexpected phone call, which to a point is understandable…people are busy.  I must say however that my second crack at getting interviews was pretty successful, I found this almost surprising considering the potentially sensitive nature of my topic:

“The states newest nursing graduates are among those concerned about future job prospects in Queensland following reports there may be no graduate positions available for the 2013 intake.”

For this story I managed to secure interviews with; Helen Edwards the head of QUT nursing school, Beth Mohle the Queensland Nurses Union (QNU) secretary & a third year QUT nursing student, Kylee Mann.  I originally had an interview lined up with a nursing director in QLD health but this fell through, they were however kind enough to provide a media response to some of my questions.

So that’s interviews done for my first story. I have learnt that in future it is important to narrow my subject field of questions (this will help immensely when it comes to determining one lead rather than multiple) & I now know that I am reasonably competent, I’m not going to draw a mental blank from nerves.  Now it’s onwards too story two.  Keep a look out for my first story which I will post in a week or so following marking.


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