Hello World / Attribution

As a first year journalism student I am learning a lot!  I am opening myself up to a world which has always seemed foreign as it is in many ways tightly locked up. It is an industry where the ability to prove yourself is reserved for those with the passion & determination to do whatever it takes.  To show those with the time and/or patience to listen, what you’re made of.  It’s a challenge, I accept & i’m just getting started.

In the space of the last 8 months I have thrown myself into the social media landscape including formats such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & as of today, Word Press.  Facebook has been on my radar for several years, as a proud member of ‘Gen Y’ i’m sure this is no surprise.

It was only yesterday I got my first kick in the guts.  Although you’re always taught about the importance of attribution in order to avoid plagiarism, I don’t think it’s until your work is plagiarised (even in the most innocent of circumstances) that you understand how horrible it is.  So whilst social media is one of the most amazing tools of our time, it’s never been easier for comments, work or ideas to be plagiarised.  I think it was an important experience for me to have.  So here’s a shout out, a reminder…never underestimate the importance of ATTRIBUTION.

So forgive me if this first post is a little pointless & boring (I’m sure I will look back on it in years to come and cringe) but I thought it important to give an introduction into the industry (from my perspective) which I am happily intruding.  A starter of sorts, to see where this ‘blog’ experience takes me.


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