365 Days

It’s 2014!  Wow, the time has flown.  It only seems like a couple of months ago I was coming home from my Europe adventure to enjoy a brand spanking new year (2013).  Since I started this blog a year or so ago I have posted next to nothing, so this year I have decided that I’m going to push myself to post more.  Up until now I’ve been stumped as to what I should be writing about.  Whilst many people have one hobby that they are incredibly passionate about I find that I like to delve into many different areas.  I was also hesitant about revealing too much about myself. Lets face it, the internet is huge and whatever is put up here stays up here.  I’ve also learnt a lot in my journalism units about how potentially damaging engaging in an online environment can be…at the same time we are encouraged to create an online brand/image.  How else are we going to learn right!?

So here goes…in order to challenge myself to gain confidence in my writing ability and hone in on that wit I’m so sure is lurking, I’m going to attempt to post something (however small it may be) every single one of the 365 days that make up 2014.  I’ve read about something called a ‘Memory Jar’ (here is the post: http://www.steamykitchen.com/19992-memory-jar.html).  This is where you write down the little things that make you smile throughout the day.  Then, when you’re down or having a bad day you take out one of those little pieces of paper and read about the thing that made you smile….this is my inspiration for my 365 days of posting.  Whilst some of my posts may be about new experiences that have excited me, other posts may be photos I have taken on my top notch camera (*cough iPhone).

So I’m wishing you a wonderful 2014! I hope you enjoy my posts because I’m really looking forward to looking back over them this time next year.




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