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This is paradise!

Moreton Island has got to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend here snorkeling, laughing with friends and just generally chilling with the dolphins!  I think the spectacular sunsets are enough of a reason to pay this gorgeous island a visit at least once in your life.

If like me you love camping and 4wding, Moreton is a great getaway.

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Media Conference Story for Uni – Media Conference attended on 10/10/12 for QUT ‘Newswriting’ students

HIV numbers are predicted to blow out in future decades after reports the LNP has taken its eye off the ball when it comes to preventative health.


Tristan Douglas, Lead Organiser of the Together Union was concerned preventative health is no longer a priority for Queensland due to recent cuts in health.


“There are 11 jobs state wide looking at tuberculosis, HIV, Aids and other communicable diseases as well as smoking as well as cancer prevention,” said Mr Douglas.


Mr Douglas accused the state government of “running away from their responsibilities.”


“If we don’t get preventative health right, across the board by 2030 the majority of the Queensland budget is going to be chewed up by health spending as our population ages,” he said.


Shadow Health Minister Jo-Ann Miller, was concerned the Newman governments cuts to more than 150 jobs in preventative health would increase pressure on frontline health services.


“Preventative health programs are designed to stop people getting sick before they need the services of our hospitals and medical community,” Ms Miller said.


“By cutting them you increase the burden on our public health system.”


According to the Queensland Association for Healthy Community (QAHC), the number of people living with HIV is set to increase by 56% in 2020 from the 2010 figures.


This estimates that HIV numbers in Queensland will soar from 2180 people in 2010, to 5408 people in 2020.


Health Minister, Lawrence Springborg said $2.5 million in HIV funding was being redirected to ensure strategies were focussed on “awareness and prevention”.


“I refuse to turn a blind eye to what are obviously ineffective campaigns at reducing HIV diagnosis rates,” Mr Springborg said.


“Instead of this funding being administered by QAHC, which has published its intention to move the core of its activity away from AIDS/HIV to more general, political issues, it will be moved into the control of an expert panel – a Ministerial Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS.”


“There will be no cut to resources for HIV/AIDS strategies.”


Mr Springborg did not comment on how the job cuts in the area of preventative health would affect the delivery of such awareness and prevention strategies.


By Lauren Geldard


Nursing Graduates – ‘Newswriting’ class story

The states newest nursing graduates are among those concerned about future job prospects in Queensland following reports there may be no graduate positions available for the 2013 intake.

Professor Helen Edwards, Head of QUT nursing school said she had been given no official indication as to the number of graduate positions available.

“But we have been informed there may be no graduate positions offered,” Professor Edwards said.

In Queensland alone it’s estimated there will be approximately 4000 new nursing graduates at the end of this year.

Figures provided by a Queensland Health spokesperson highlight the steady decrease in job offers for nursing graduates over recent years.

From 2009, offers were at a height of 946; this decreased to 785 at the start of 2012, before recent health cuts.

“We are aware that there may be an issue experienced in the coming year in having sufficient numbers of graduate employment opportunities,” a Queensland Health spokesperson said.

Queensland Nurses Union (QNU) secretary Beth Mohle was concerned cuts in the number of graduate positions being offered would affect the Queensland nursing sector in the future.

“If people haven’t got confidence they will be able to get a job after they finish their course of study why would they invest time, effort and money in the form of HECS,” Ms Mohle said.

“We’re already hearing anecdotally from students that the confidence is waning.”

Ms Mohles’ concern for the future of health in Queensland stems from figures which suggest, come 2015 there will be a shortage of “between 5000-6000 nurses and midwives” in Queensland.

“There’s huge workforce pressures already, it just makes no sense at all to be sacking people right now or cutting budgets,” Ms Mohle said.

Third year, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) nursing student Kylee Mann, believes people would be discouraged from studying nursing in the future.

“One of the main reasons I started studying nursing was because of the shortage and apparently they were needed,” Ms Mann said.

“But three years later that’s not the case.”


By Lauren Geldard