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How on earth does someone manage to miss a race which is uniformed with colour coded swimming caps?

It’s 4am on Sunday, I’m awake and I’m on the road.  It’s not often that I’m up before the sun but I’m excited.  I’m on my way to Raby Bay to compete in my second ever triathlon.  Let me set the record straight, it is a baby triathlon…400m swim, 5km bike ride and 2km run…I’m not that fit!

My heat is due to start at exactly 7:13am, so for the next hour after transition closes I hang out with all the cool kids in the toilet line dreaming of the coffee I haven’t had.

It gets to 6:55am and the heats have started so I take this opportunity to run up and have a look at the bike transition so I know where I’ll need to run in and out.  Once I’ve checked this out I stroll back to the water thinking I still have a few minutes to kill (keep in mind that I have no watch – mistake!).  I get to the water and what do I see, silver caps floating in the water (every heat has a different colour – most probably to avoid the following…). I run over to one of the officials and ask for the time, she confirms that it is in fact 7:13…the sound of the race gun blasts.  My race is underway as I clumsily run down the jetty.  I see that the next heat is full of 30 young guys and I consider the possibility of starting with them…the race official shakes her head and tells me to jump in and start before the boys. So I’m off…giving a great imitation of a flailing dog, all the while my head is racing with thoughts of how on earth someone manages to miss a race which is uniformed with colour coded swimming caps.

Got to love a Sunday sleep in….but how about his view?!